Dr. Erin R. Morris
Baker University
Associate Professor of Biology

Drury University
B.A. Biology

University of Missouri, Columbia
Ph.D. Biological Sciences

Courses Taught
Genetics, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Evolution, Plant Biology, Molecular Methods

Chevalier, D., Morris, E.R., and Walker, J.C. (2009). 14-3-3 and FHA Domains Mediate Phosphoprotein Interactions. Annual Review of Plant Biology. Vol. 60: 67-91.

Ding, Z., Wang, H., Liang, X., Morris, E., Gallazzi, F., Pandit, S., Skolnick, J., Walker, J., and Van Doren, S. (2007). Phosphoprotein and Phosphopeptide Interactions with the FHA Domain from Arabidopsis Kinase-Associated Protein Phosphatase. Biochemistry, 46 (10), 2684 -2696.

Morris, E.R., Chevalier, D., and Walker, J.C. (2006). DAWDLE, a forkhead-associated domain gene, regulates multiple aspects of plant development. Plant Physiology. 141(3): 932-41.